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Clear Blue Hawaii Day

Company Information

    Clear Blue Hawaii was created in 2001. The company was founded on its first product, the Molokini 2 person kayak. The 1 and 2 person inflatable kayaks were introduced into the product offerings in 2003. As early as 2005, CBH began having delivery problems and people started complaining online in review sites and forums that they were not receiving their orders and that CBH was not responding to their e-mails. It was in 2005, that CBH changed the address on the "contact us" page of their website from their actual address to a mail stop address in Oregon.

    There is no physical address for CBH on their website or anywhere else. The address they use on their website and in all of their correspondence is a "mail stop" address which is basically a mail "forwarding" service. Up until shortly after the creation of this website, the address used on their website was this mail forwarding address,
14525 SW Millikan #38607
Beaverton, Oregon 97005

The address they now have listed on their site, which is also a mail forwarding address, is
93 S Jackson St. #38607
Seattle, WA 98104

Who Is Behind This Poorly Run Company

    Clear Blue Hawaii & the person(s) behind it have done a very thorough job of not leaving any contact information that could lead to him. The domain is registered with private registration. The address listed is fake (a mail forwarding address), the phone number listed is "almost" untraceable because it is a VOIP number, the email addresses he responds to inquiries through are gmail addresses which are untraceable. All 3 websites connected to CBH use these same tactics, mail forwarding addresses, VOIP phone numbers, & private domain name registrations.

Connecting the Dots

    Washington state's government site has a Department of Revenue state business record for CBH. Just enter in Clear Blue Hawaii in the search box for "business or owner name".
Here you will find that Clear Blue Hawaii LLC has been listed as being located at
7904 157th Street Court Northwest
Gig Harbor, WA
It does not say who it is registered to.
    A search on this Washington address reveals that another business claims this address as being their location. The name of this business is Fu Len Holdings. Fu Len Holdings has a website, and one look at this website and it is clearly owned by the same person behind Clear Blue Hawaii. The Fu Len Holdings website even has an image at the bottom that in small print has the name Clear Blue Hawaii, confirming that it is connected to Clear Blue Hawaii.
    A search on the internet for the business name Fu Len Holdings and/or the phone number 360-265-1366, will show that Fu Len Holdings also claims the same address that was used to register the business name of Clear Blue Hawaii in Washington (the address in Gig Harbor), further confirming the connection to CBH. It also claims Brian Lentz as the president of Fu Len Holdings and gives the phone number 360-265-1366.
    A search on the internet for the business name Fu Len Holdings also leads to "The Bungee Flag" . The Bungee Flag website uses Fu Len Holdings for its contact information. The Bungee Flag trademark was registered by Fu Len Holdings and The Bungee Flag claims Fu Len Holdings as being the manufacturer.
    Both "The Bungee Flag" & "Fu Len Holdings" lead to Brian Lentz as the owner / president. There is an article on the internet about the Bungee Flag that interviews the owner of "The Bungee Flag", and guess what?, it's Brian Lentz. Here's a link to that article Veterans Life.
    Brian Lentz's full name is Brian Scott Lentz. His facebook page is Brian Lentz

Other Details

    Hawaii's government website has a record of Clear Blue Hawaii LLC business name being registered in Mar 9, 2001. by a
Brian S. Woolford at
HONOLULU, Hawaii 96819
NOTE - the page says "This business is not in good standing."

CBH also has gone by the name Blue Productions. At one time Blue Halo Technologies was a subsidiary of CBH. Blue Halo Technologies appears to be a marketing and web design company.

The registrant name for the CBH website is "Blue Enterprises LLC".
The phone number associated with this registration is 909-563-8228

The Clear Blue Hawaii Trademark is currently owned by "Fook Sing Holdings Limited". The individuals name that is associated with "Fook Sing Holdings" is Frederick M. Mandir. The address associated with Frederick is the same mail forwarding address in Oregon that CBH list's on their website for their address.

As recently as late Feb of 2014 someone appears to be doing online "damage control" for the company in an apparent effort to keep the orders "coming in".