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Molokini Kayak Molokini

The molokini is a clear kayak / canoe hybrid. It is made out of a polycarbonate. It debuted at a trade show in Las Vegas.


The Napali is a clear folding kayak. It was launched in the Clear Blue Hawaii's product line in 2003.

SUP's (Stand Up Paddleboards)

CBH attempted to branch out into the water sports market with SUP's for fishing and recreation. These boards lacked innovation and looked like a bad board design with good color choices.

Inflatable Kayaks

Clear Blue Hawaii stepped into the inflatable market with the Hanauma 2 person kayak and the Lanikai.

History of the Molokini

The Molokini was the companies first product and is the product that CBH was essentially built on. It was an innovative product with a great "wow" factor. The product was featured in well known publications like Time & Fortune magazines. Their clear kayak was even carried briefly by Costco. However, CBH was unable to provide consistent delivery on this "in demand" boat. The reason why is open to speculation. It would appear that the company is strapped for cash and constantly "robs Peter to pay Paul". Whatever the reason, the result is that individuals placing small orders and businesses placing large orders to start a kayak rental operation or wishing to have the clear canoe for sale in their retail store have had to wait for periods of 6-9 months or even more after paying for their order before receiving them. There are also reported cases of people receiving damaged products and CBH not standing behind those damaged products. These are all cited on the Delivery Complaints page.